April 23, 2018 – May 25, 2018 all-day
FOFA Gallery Concordia University
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Chloë Lum & Yannick Desranleau, What Do Stones Smell Like In the Forest (2018). Production still. Performer: Marie-Annick Béliveau.Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau‘s MFA Thesis Exhibition What Do Stones Smell Like in the Forest? is an autofiction, and the second chapter in a series of speculative works reflecting on the affective relationships between sentient bodies and objects. The first instalment, Is It the Sun or the Asphalt All I See is Bright Black, an installation, performance, and video work, was presented in Montreal at Circa Art Actuel (Spring 2017). What Do Stones Smell Like in the Forest? takes a similar approach in telling the interior monologues of a character wishing to expand their limited mobility through their senses.

A romance of reclaiming the ill body from the jaws of stillness by merging with the universe of things. Via a network of things, the body extends itself, connecting with stuff, reaching spaces and places with greater ease and expanded potentials. Like an ever-growing creature made of unfired clay, new limbs being hastily built-on as others drop off. Possibilities multiply. Stilted with the anxiety of showing its vulnerability to the outside world, the ill body is awkward in public, but comfortable at home. The ill mind/body is never fully relieved; at best, it manages to forget its ill state through distraction and fantasy. The pain of the body slows down the mind, opening it up to near-constant reverie.

Yannick Desranleau is the 2016 recipient of The Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Fellowship in Contemporary Art.

What Do Stones Smell Like in the Forest?
April 23 – May 25, 2018
Opening reception April 26th
Publication Launch: May 24
Performances: May 3 & 24
FOFA Gallery
Concordia University 1515 St. Catherine St. West Montreal
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