October 1, 2018 – October 11, 2018 all-day
Special Project Gallery, Joan and Martin Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts, York University
86 Fine Arts Road
Department of Visual Art & Art History

3rd year Visual Art student Nazanin Babaei explores the pain of unsaid sorrows that cannot be expressed due to negative judgments and sociocultural issues in her new show, Moment’s after… This 12 piece mixed-media show including acrylic and oil on canvass delves into moments of post traumatic stress that could be experienced by a woman following a sexual assault.

“The sole purpose of this show is to provoke the audience to imagine the pain of a sexually assaulted person living in despair. Of many souls that experience such violence, few are brave enough to speak about the pain experienced and lived. It is a complex layering of stories, revealing the contradictions inherent in the lives of individuals suffering from sexual assault and their subsequent “recovery” from extreme bouts of judgements. If art is the name given to feelings made public, this show is intended to share the feelings of those suffered in loneliness because of the fear of judgments and cultural barriers. ”

Gallery Hours:

Mon. – Thurs. 10am – 4pm.

Reception: October 5, 4pm-7pm

Admission is free and all are welcome