May 7, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Taien Ng-Chan in conversation with Signy Lynch

Tuesday, May 7th
6:00pm – 9:00pm
RSVP for location details to: amdunlop@yorku.ca 

Please join us Tuesday, May 7th for the next Sensorium Salon, featuring York University Cinema and Media Arts Professor Taien Ng-Chan. The conversation, moderated by Signy Lynch, will explore Taien Ng-Chan’s artistic research, delving into her pioneering use of research-creation methodologies in digital media, urban arts, and mapping practices. We look forward to exploring Ng-Chan’s work as a jumping off point to engage with larger questions surrounding artistic modes of research inquiry, and particularly those that explore the interface between art and urban ecologies.

Taien Ng-Chan is an interdisciplinary writer, media artist, researcher, and educator. Her work investigates everyday urban life through photography, cinema, poetry, and processes of mapping. Taien incorporates daily travel (from walking and riding the bus to bicycling and driving) as part of her art and research practice. She is a founding member of the Hamilton Perambulatory Unit (HPU). Currently, she teaches in Cinema and Media Arts at York University.

Signy Lynch is a PhD student in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies at York. Her research investigates how direct audience address in contemporary performance can help audience members and performers to negotiate the complexities of inhabiting a twenty-first century globalized Canada. Signy is a member of the Centre for Spectatorship and Audience Research at the University of Toronto and secretary of the board of Cahoots Theatre.

Following our popular Salon format, the conversation will be preceded by a potluck dinner! Please RSVP to Sensorium Research Coordinator Alanna Dunlop (amdunlop@yorku.ca) for the event location near Christie Station in downtown Toronto. Let us know if you can bring a dish for the potluck (it is not required, but welcome).

See you there!